AMA 2017

Featuring: Leslie Eastman, Jake Carter, Elif Sezen, Avni Dauti, Lara Chamas & Reem Faiq.

AMA is an annual exhibition showcasing the work of emerging and established Australian Muslim Artists. AMA provides a professional gallery setting for artists to exhibit, enhancing profiles, and providing exposure to new audiences.

AMA provides a platform for emerging and established artists to exhibit work in a professional gallery setting, enhancing artists' profiles and providing exposure to new audiences.

In addition to the exhibition, AMA is an ever-growing online database of artists and art professionals, providing a platform for professional networking, between local and international artists, within the arts industry and cultural institutions.

Featured Artist

Leslie Eastman

For the Being of Time 2013 [detail] by Leslie Eastman, showing at Islamic Museum of Australia’s current show AMA 2017

Mirrored stainless steel, electrical motors, digital video.

Leslie Eastman is a graduate of Melbourne University and RMIT and has held over thirty solo and collaborative exhibitions nationally, at venues such as ACCA, Linden and Experimental, and internationally.
In ‘For the Being of Time’ the twin mirrored rotating forms suggest ideas of the circulation of moving bodies in time and space.
The motif of the timekeeper has a distinct relationship to the human heart which in its rhythm is a governing device around which the human metabolism circulates. This is a metaphor for a mechanical model of the human being—the Being of Time—and by extension the mechanical universe.
There is another esoteric understanding of the heart and the mirror that is well known in Islam. Whether metaphor or actual, the heart may be understood as the felt centre of the human being, who is required to seek out knowledge.

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